100% Mountain Spring Water

" Our family consumes a lot of water daily. For many years we tried to use different water companies and we were never 100 % satisfied until we found Heavenly Springs. We have been customers of this company for the past year. We are now satisfied and happy not just for the taste of the water, but for the delivery policy. You can have the water right at your house whenever you need it. The company is very easy to reach and the payments are very reasonable plus, per every new customer that you recommend you can obtain 2 free 5 gallon bottles.

We are really happy with the service! "

- Jaime and Viviana M.

January 10, 2011

" I was looking for a water company that would deliver spring water to my home at a reasonable price. After researching many of the companies i was faced with high prices and some of them claim not to deliver in my area in Aberdeen NJ. I was fortunate enough to find the "Heavenly Springs" website. It was an answer to my prayers. I connected with a family owned company that delivered to my home at incredible prices.

Tom, the owner, personally made the delivery. I was delighted to meet the person i would be doing business with. The water has a truly "Heavenly" taste. The service is reliable, dependable and feels like i am doing business with a freind and a neighbor. "

Thank you "Heavenly Springs"

- Althra Q.
Aberdeen NJ 07747

November 17, 2010
Heavenly Springs
Roselle Park, NJ 07204

" Dear Tom,
I am enjoying the water from Heavenly Springs. When I first decided to change, I was not sure if I would like the water but, it is refreshing and I actually like it better than the other water company I was using. When I call for delivery, everyone is so friendly and helpful. You make it so easy to call and the next day delivery is great. "

- Mrs. Judith S.

" Hi Tom, greetings this holiday season. I just wanted you to know how much we love and appreciate your service. The water taste so good. We are not big water drinkers but after using your water even the kids are drinking more as we are. Thanks! "

- The Pryor family

December 7, 2010
Heavenly Springs

" Dear Tom,
Just a short note to thank you for your easy and affordable service! Before switching to your service, we used to pick up our water bottles at a beverage distributor. Our kids would usually complain the water cooler was empty for about a week before we found the time to go out.

Now as soon as we start the last bottle, we make one phone call to Heavenly Springs and new bottles arrive on time-every time! And best of all the bottles are deliver for the same affordable price-actually cheaper,since you did not require a deposit. We will never make the trip again!

We did not hesitate to refer Heavenly Springs and will continue to do so. Thanks again for your excellent service. "

- Regards
Peter and Leslie G.

" Heavenly Springs Water tastes great and the service is very prompt and professional. We are not on a regular schedule with delivery but fresh water is delivered to us quickly whenever we request it. The water makes us feel happier and healthier while at work. I highly recommend Heavenly Springs Water. You will not be disappointed. "

- Heather D.

December 2010
Dear Heavenly Springs Customer Service,

" I am just sending you this note to say " Thank You " for my first year of Excellent and Reliable delivery of Spring water. At one time being one of those guys who would lug jugs from the local grocery or hardware store, and then have to return the empties. It is now very nice to find them at my door step once a month, at such a reasonable price with no contract. I am looking forward to another year of GREAT Service that is provided by your company. "

- No Longer THIRSTY
Johnny T.